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Weapon (Heavy Hand axe), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

At first glance, it appears to be an imbalanced weapon, with its oversized head and thin handle. But, it is a weapon only fit for the strong. You must have a strength of 20 in order wield. It does 2d12+Str Radiant damage and 2d10 Force damage.

Charge Heat. If you have a different form in the day that you would at night, as long as you wield this weapon, your form is that of the day time while the weapon is in hand.

Super Slash. You strike with so much force and pride that you will always hit and do alot of damage. You can make a attack with this weapon and treat it as if the dice rolled a 20. You can use this equal to your strength modifier amount of times. This weapon also crits on a 17-20

Respond to my will. If the axe is within 100 feet of you, you may have it return to your hand. It takes a turn for the axe to come to you.

Cruel Sun. There are 3 charges of level 9 fireball on this axe. They charged are renewed every morning as the sun rises.

The One The One is the strongest being alive. At least that is what you believe. While Holding this weapon and using your action you can enter "the one" mode. In this form for 1 minute a day you become the manifestastion of invincibility. You gain the following benefits

-Your size becomes Large

-You can replace any saving throw with an athletics roll taking that number instead

- Once during this form you can slice at the air as a reaction to an attack agianst you. You can completly nullify the attack and the damage you would recieve from it is doubled but sent back to the user of the person who originated the attack.

- you gain resistances to all damage types

- you gain 2 levels of exhaustion after using this form

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