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Weapon (spear), Legendary (requires attunement)

This magic spear is wielded by the fairy king and queen chosen by the greater spirits of their respective realms in the Fey Wild. As an action, a creature attuned to this weapon can change this weapon’s form to one of the following, otherwise it remains a pillow. You may change its form 3 times, regaining all charges at dawn. Regardless of whether or not Chastiefol’s current form can be handheld, one hand must be used to control it. If Chastiefol is destroyed, so long as you are attuned to it and hold a piece of it, no matter how small, it regenerates at dawn 2 days later. If it becomes another entity, such as forms 2 or 4, it must occupy an area no farther than 20 feet from you.

Pillow In this form, it acts as a shield, increasing your AC by +3 and can cast levitation on it and yourself at will.

Form One: Chastiefol Chastiefol takes the form of a Spear. While in this form, you may cast animate objects on it nonmagically. While animated, it acts as if it were a Medium object and it does not require concentration.

Form Two: Guardian Chastiefol takes on the form of a large, stuffed bear using the statistics of a giant bear. While in this form, you may spend your turn controlling either you or Chastiefol. Whichever creature you control benefits from your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, while the other benefits from the bear’s until the beginning of your next turn.

Form Three: Fossilization This form of Chastiefol is a twin headed spear with a spearhead shaped like the claws of a crab. As a bonus action after attacking a creature, you can force them to attempt a DC 10+your Dexterity or Strength modifier Wisdom saving throw or be petrified for 1 minute. They can attempt this saving throw again at the end of their turn to end this effect early.

Form Four: Sunflower A plant-like shoot emerges from the earth, towering over enemies, as a flower bud blooms. As an action, creatures in a 20 feet cone originating from the plant must succeed a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take 1d10 piercing + 1d10 acid damage. This flower has an AC of 15, damage resistance of 4, 400 hit points, is resistant to acid and is vulnerable to fire.

Form Five: Increase Chastiefol separates into 2d6 kunai, each dealing 1d6 piercing damage. As an action or bonus action, you can make a 60 foot ranged spell attack using one kunai. Once a kunai has been used this way, it must be returned to you as an action or bonus action before it can be used again.

Fight Fire with Fire While in Increase, as an action and bonus action, you can focuse all of the small blades that comprise Chastiefol into a single downwards strike against an opponent. All the kunai are targeted at one person. At the beginning of your next turn, Chastiefol returns to its Pillow form.

Form Six: Yigdra Cloth A full body of steel armor surrounds you with two massive claws that deal 1d12 slashing damage. These claws use your spellcasting modifier for attack and damage rolls and have the light, finesse, and glove properties. Your AC increases by +2.

Form Seven: Luminosity Chastiefol transforms into a luminescent, ringed sphere that illuminates the surrounding area. It sheds bright light for 120 feet, and dim light for another 120 feet and is centered on you.

Form Eight: Pollen Garden Chastiefol becomes a 20ft radius, semitransparent, spherical barrier that forms around you. The barrier is made of pollen from the Sacred Tree which have the capabilities of slowly healing and subsides the pain immediately. Any creature in this dome regains 2d4 hit points at the start of their turn. This barrier has an AC of 20, damage reduction of 6, and 300 hit points.

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