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Weapon (Scythe/Rapier), Legendary

Initially crafted for those of the four armed persuasion, this singular weapon has 2 forms, with a small switch on the bottom of the grip on both forms. Upon pressing the button, if in rapier mode, the blade of the rapier curves in three sections to create a crescent shape, with the lowest segment of the blade moving down the basket to create the signature curve between snaith and blade. The handle of the rapier telescopes out into the scythe's handle, approximately 5 feet long. If in scythe form, if the button is pressed, the process reverses and it turns back into a rapier. Upon close inspection of the blade, the name 'steelbrand' is engraved in small fae runes.

In both forms it has +1 to hit, and can be enchanted to have other properties. To transform the weapon uses 1 bonus action. In rapier form it deals 1d8 piercing damage and has the 'finesse' property. In scythe form it deals 1d10 and has the 'range' property. Its weight is always that of a rapier and its handle can be adjusted to be used by shorter races.

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