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Weapon (whip), rare (requires attunement)

Made up of purple leather and scaly prongs, the spellsnatcher is a favorite among those who fight with wizards often. While it requires significant practice, a skilled wielder can use the whip to bat magical projectiles out of the air.

Jagged Form. The spellsnatcher deals 1d4 extra slashing damage on a hit, and counts as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical damage.

Snatch Energy. When something within 10 feet of you is targeted by a ranged spell attack, you can use your reaction to grab the spell with the spellsnatcher. Make an attack against the caster's spellcasting DC, and on a hit, you grab the spell out of the air, causing it to fail. Your next attack within a minute of grabbing the spell deals bonus damage equal to what the spell would've dealt.

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