Gauntlets of Niflheim (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Glove/Gauntlet), Legendary (Major) (requires attunement. Attunement counts for one or both gauntlets)

Gauntlets forged with the eternal cold and the everlasting rime from the realm of winter. +3 to hit, strikes are considered unarmed strikes. Enhances strikes with cold damage. +1 to AC

Ice Giant's Fist. Unarmed strikes from the monk gain an additional 2 martial arts dice worth of damage when attuned, and only one when not. Additionally, all damage can be either cold, bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing, depending on the following.

Malleable Ice The ice that makes up the knuckles of the gauntlet can be changed to however the monk wants, from spikes to just knuckles. Changes affect unarmed damage type.

Nemesis of Muspelheim The wearer of these gauntlets, when attuned, is resistant to fire damage.

Image Credit, New World Ice Gauntlet

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