Arrows of Unrelenting Flame (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Arrows), Very Rare (No attunement required)

A magical mishap in a subterranean magical workshop led to the burning down of said workshop, but left the mage and what he was holding, intact. He was working on a new type of arrow that could keep its flames even after landing on a target and discharging the flame. He succeeded, but at the cost of his life's work. Consumed by madness and depression, the mage sold his last surviving works on the black markets of Neverwinter, and soon after, committed suicide. Only 100 Arrows survive the mage, and many were disbursed among the criminal underground of Neverwinter. If someone gets their hands on any of these highly revered arrows, they wield no more than 10 at a time. Expect a target on your back, because these arrows are quite literally... to die for! (See you resident DM on how the arrows could influence your adventuring.)

Unrelenting Flame. While not the most painful of flames, these arrows are painful to remove and constantly burning. If a target is hit by an arrow, they must make a DC Constitution Save of 15 or take 1d6 Fire damage on top of the regular piercing damage. If they succeed the save, they only take half damage. Until the arrow is removed, the struck creature must continually make the DC Constitution save above. In order to remove the arrow, they must spend an action to remove the arrow and take 1d4 fire damage instead of the 1d6 from the constant flame.

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