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Weapon (any hammer), rare (requires attunement by a good creature)

The black body of the Forge clashes against the red flames on one side of the top and the white lightning on the other. Every time this weapon hits something, sparks fly.

Forger. Thanks to the elemental powers of the weapon, you can craft metal weapons and armor at a much quicker pace than usual. When crafting these items with this hammer, you can work at three times the base rate (15gp per day).

Elemental Slam. This hammer's two opposing sides are enchanted with separate powers. One side holds the heat of the forge while the other increases the force behind the hammer's blows. When you hit an enemy with the hammer, you can have it deal an extra 1d8 fire damage or 1d4 lighting and 1d4 thunder damage to the target it hits.

Beacon. When you take an action to speak an activation word, this hammer glows brightly, casting bright light for 60 feet and dim light for another 60 feet. You may deactivate this effect for free at the start of your turn.

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