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Weapon (Two Dual-Bladed Glaives), Legendary (Requires attunement by a Monk of good alignment)

LORE In the old times, there was a human warrior, donning leather armor, a blindfold, and a scarf. He wielded two matching dual-bladed glaives. Its blades, longsword-shaped dragon claws; sharpened and containing in them, the dragon's speed and flames. In between two magnificent blades, a handle made from the wood of a mythical tree, heavily protected and cared for by high ranking druids. The handle is wrapped by a long flat strip of silk from an unknown spider. With two of these glaives, the legendary warrior was instantly known throughout the land. His speed, untouchable; none could lay a finger on him. His precision and mastery of his weapons is unheard of; knowing how the art of wielding even one dual-bladed glaive may take a century. He can parry attacks with so much ease that past enemies describe it as their blades being met with the the incredibly strong force of wind. The warrior was blind and yet his attacks always able to reach their mark. Flames danced around him as he spins, swings, and stabs his way to victory. He was regarded as a legend, a treasure to the empire he serves; and yet the empire treated him in the worst way possible.

He was sent to face armies alone, with no other information other than the location of the battlefield, a death-wish; and yet he still prevailed. His situations became worse and worse as the empire's evil and corrupt officials try and try to discard of him; then one day, he left.

He sent himself to a journey to a cave, a cave that lead to a sanctuary; his home, his resting place. The warrior let go of all of his belongings except with his weapons as he goes to the highest point of the sanctuary, with a beautiful view of a waterfall, and meditates on the middle of a small lake situated there; somehow defying the law of the world as he meditates over the water.

Centuries later, the sanctuary can be found and with it the lake with the waterfall. 4 emerald green trees have been growing on the sides of the lake; their roots intertwining in the middle. The intertwined roots spiral up above the lake and creating a diamond shape containing the glaives; now with the words "Wind guide you" engraved in elvish an the handles of both glaives.

When a monk of any good alignment starts to walk near the edge of the lake


The wielder of Blitz must use both glaives to use any of Blitz's attributes, properties, and abilities. When out of combat, Blitz hovers around his user and

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