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Weapon (Longsword), Legendary (Requires attunment by the OVERLORD)

There is only one OVERLORD's sword. The OVERLORD's sword is a powerful weapon so full of magical power that only The OVERLORD can resist being wiped from the history of the universe.

Quick: You may use an action to touch the flat of the sword blade to your head slow time. While time is slowed you move normally, have initiative count of 0 and an AC bonus of +5. You take two additional turns whenever it becomes your turn (not your additional turns). You may attack with a +10 bonus on each of your turns. You may only use this once until the next dawn.

Trick: You may use an action to confuse a creature through one of these two options: Hidden: You make something in their vision disappear from their sight for one day. Change: You cause something to change. These illusions cannot touch the target (eg. Causing a shadow to grow claws, Making your face skeletal, Causing the floor to erupt with tentacles)

Death Rise Resurrect a creature who has died and has at least one part left. The creature must be revived and regains all parts of their body. If the creature's soul is imprisoned, The resurrection returns the soul to the body but the creature becomes a demon, an angel, or a vampire and gains randomly determined traits of the creature type.

OVERLORD's Sword is a magic weapon with a +3 to attack and damage rolls.

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