Axe of Bloodletting (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (any axe), rare (requires attunement)

You wield an axe with incredibly sharp edges that seem to shimmer red. You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.
This weapon has 5 charges. When you hit a creature with this weapon, you can expend a charge to cause the target to bleed profusely. At the end of each of its turns, the target must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the target takes 1d6 necrotic damage. On a successful save, the bleeding stops. The bleeding also stops if the target receives any magical healing or if the target or a creature within 5 feet of it uses an action to make a DC 13 Wisdom (Medicine) check and succeeds on the check.
This weapon regains 1d4 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn.

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