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Weapon (special), legendary (require attunement by a creature with an Intelligence score of 16 or higher, if the prerequisite is not met, the weapon can be still be attuned to, but the wielder takes 8d6 necrotic damage when they attune to this weapon)

The Heavenly Array was created by angels to destroy powerful demons that may pose a threat but it could very well have been the opposite. A small black cube with small square runes inscribed in it on each side, a circle with a dim blue glow each circle connected with small dim glowing lines and one single line that connects each adjacent circle. The lines glow dimly pulsing as if waiting for a new purpose any being that can wield this gains the knowledge of its power through an almost parasitic connection to the device, gaining proficiency with all of its forms. Owners of this weapon have been known to go mad from the flood of knowledge and die instantly from a forced rejection.


The Heavenly Array has six charges that can be used to power its' functions. The weapon regains 1 charge at dawn or can be recharged by spending 4 or more spell slots worth of spells to gain one charge. This can be done in any combination of 4 spell slots (ex. 3rd level and 1st level, or 2nd level and 2nd level or any amount that adds up to four or more 8th level will recharge two charges).


As a bonus action you may use a charge to instantly move up to 10 feet any direction ignoring cover and terrain but not walls and other obstacles blinking towards an obstacle stops you at the obstacle.


As a bonus action you may change the form into an easy to carry box this is the base form it has very few special qualities. Due to its parasitic nature it can fuse into a body part of choice to eliminate burden.


As an action you may use a charge to change the form of the weapon into a medium length straight blade with the same designs as the box form, has a range of 5ft and attacks with this equipped as a weapon deal 1d10 slashing and 1d6 radiant.


As an action you may spend a charge to change the form into a long polearm with a sharp sword like end and a pointed hilt, this form has a range of 10ft and attacks with this weapon deal 1d8 piercing and 1d8 radiant.

Heavenly Array

As an action you may spend one charge to change the form into six rings that float around you, you control each of these rings movement. Attacks made with this weapon deal 1d4 radiant damage and have a range of 120ft, while attacking as a bonus action you may spend up to your remaining charges to deal 1d4 radiant damage times the charges spent to target creature within 120ft range.

Heavenly Destroyer

As an action you may spend all your remaining points to attack with the Heavenly Array in it's full potential (must be in Heavenly Array form, and be warned firing the weapon will cease functioning until it has refilled all of its charges) each circle lines up into a focued ray that exerts all of the energy it has remaining. For every charge the range increases by 50ft, the damage increases one die roll and one die size per charge damage is dealt as radiant.

1 charge 1d4

2 charges 2d6

3 charges 3d8

4 charges 4d10

5 charges 5d12

6 charges 6d20

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