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Weapon (Heavy Revolver), Very Rare (requires attunement)

A revolver (2d6 piercing)(Must Reload every 3 shots) wrapped in black leather. This revolver automatically Attunes itself to the person whom unwraps it. This Revolver only works for the attuned wielder.

Final Shot: The last shot from this pistol is always a crit, and can be affected by another crit. This shot gets a +10 to hit. This shot always has advantage.

Hidden Fate: Any shot that would miss from this gun, instead hits on the next successful attack from this gun. Any shot that is not the final shot gets a -5 to hit.

Undying Will: Half the damage dealt from this gun heals all nearby allies. 45ft. Radius. (Does not heal the user.)

Endless Hunger: Anytime this gun would critically fail, instead of firing the gun deals 2d4+2 to all creatures within 15ft.

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