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Weapon (Shortsword), Legendary (Requires attunement)

A highly advanced melee weapon used by the most elite of the Striders. In shape and size, it is similar to a broadsword, with its hilt resembling a tonfa. The weapon releases plasma energy, greatly enhancing its cutting power. Though an effective tool, its overall difficulty in properly handling it is considered a drawback.

Gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls made with this magical weapon. On hit, you deal 2d8 slashing damage with additional 1d4 fire damage. If your Dexterity is lower than 16, the attack is made with disadvantage.

Charged Slash: You may use a bonus action to charge your attack, adding another 1d4 fire damage and increasing its range by 5 feet. It only works if you choose to attack on this turn.

Magnetic Cypher: You may use an action to generate a magnetic force, creating a plasma blade that flies at enemies like a boomerang. On hit, you deal 2d6 fire damage. Its range is 20 feet.

Reflect Cypher: With precise timing, you may use a reaction to deflect projectiles. Roll 1d6. On 1, the move fails and you take full damage. On 2-5, damage is avoided. On 6, the attack is successfully reflected back at the enemy.

From Strider (2014)

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