Cleaving Weapon (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (any weapon with the heavy or two-handed property), uncommon

This magic weapon generates a powerful additional thrust when it strikes a creature that is often enough to power through foes, literally. Attacks made with this weapon that reduces an undamaged creature to 0 hit points, carry over any excess damage from that attack to another creature within reach and, if the original attack roll can hit it, applies any remaining damage to it. If that creature was undamaged and is likewise reduced to 0 hit points, repeat this process, carrying over the remaining damage until there are no valid targets, or until the damage carried over fails to reduce an undamaged creature to 0 hit points. This weapon must be wielded with two hands to gain this benefit.

Design Note: This weapon is based off the variant rule on page 272 of the Dungeon Master's Guide

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