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Weapon (scimitar, hook and chain), rare (major) (requires attunement)

A matching pair, the Dancing Devils certainly live up to their name. In the hands of a skilled user, the crimson flourishes they can achieve are staggering, both blade and chain working in perfect concert, never coliding. They count as one item, for the purposes of attunement.

Quick Whip. When making an attack with the hook and chain, it does not require your bonus action to pull it back into your reach.

Hell's Jig. When you hit with either weapon that's part of the Dancing Devils while holding both, it incurs a specific bonus based on which weapon it was.

  • Scimitar. Your armor class and bonus to Dexterity saving throws increases by +1 until the start of your next turn, to a maximum of +2.
  • Hook and Chain. You may immediately move up to 10 feet, without incurring opportunity attacks.

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