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Weapon (quarterstaff), rare (major)

A popular tool of war used by high ranking necrons, such as lords and crypteks. A multipurpose weapon, it rends flesh and metal with ease in melee range, fires beams of force at range, as well as serving as a sign of office.

Xenotech. This weapon has a +1 to hit, and deals force damage instead of bludgeoning.

Beams of Light. You may make attacks with this weapon as if it had the Ranged(20/80) property. It does not require ammunition when you do so.

Variant: Voltaic Staff

An awe inspiring relic, the pinnacle of aethermancy. Horrendously powerful, every swing, every bolt crackles violently with electricity. This version is instead legendary.

This weapon instead has a +2 to hit.

Electrical Relic. On a hit, this weapon deals an additional die of damage, as lightning. If this weapon reduces something to 0 hitpoints, it and every nonmagical item they’re carrying disintegrate into a fine grey powder. If it is larger than Large sized, you only destroy up to a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot area.

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