Tesla Thrower (5e Equipment)

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Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Tesla Thrower 150gp 2d6 Lightning 18lb. Ammunition (range 10/15), loading, heavy, two-handed, special

Weapon (Wondrous Item), uncommon

A tesla thrower is a bulky magitek device, consisting of a series of heavy duty straps around the torso to hold up the hefty cylindrical backpack that holds its charges. Attached by a hose to the backpack is a long metal rod, tipped with a sphere. The rod a lever at its base that fires the weapon when pulled.

Weapon. The tesla thrower is a unique class of weapon, with its properties listed above.

Charges. The tesla thrower's ammunition consists of spell charges, of which it can hold up to 25. It regains 2d8 + 4 of these charges daily at dawn.

Firing the tesla thrower consumes one charge. Once there are no charges remaining, you cannot fire it until it recharges.

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