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Weapon (handaxes), Very Rare (By a creature with the Two-Weapon Fighting fighting style)

Freeze and Flame take the form of two rings, when the command word is spoken, the rings burst and form hand axes, one of the coldest ice, and the other of the hottest flame. With the same command word, Freeze and Flame revert.

Bonded for life. Freeze and Flame must be worn on the ring fingers of the creature attempting to attune to them, if the creature trying to attune to Freeze and Flame have no ring fingers, or is missing one of it's ring fingers, the attunement fails. Both rings must be attuned to at once, and take up two attunement slots.

Burning and Freezing. These hand axes are magical plus one handaxes, Freeze does an extra 1d6 cold damage on every hit, while Flame does an extra 1d6 fire damage on every hit.

Returning. When one of the axes is thrown, a bonus action can be used to have it magically fly back to the user.

Freezing Flames. Once a day, you may cast the spell fire shield, without material components, on yourself, gaining the benefits of both the warm and chill shields.

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