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Weapon (Scythe/Club), Rare (Attunement)

A golden scythe that has the ability to turn into a driver golf club. This weapon is both two-handed and heavy.

Transform You can change from club and scythe at will, each doing 2d10 bludgeoning and slashing damage respectively. Without attunement, you can't figure out how to properly use the scythe, or change it into club form, so you deal 1d4 slashing damage. You also get advantage and proficiency on all golf related skill checks.

Blink As a bonus action, you can chose to teleport up to 10 feet of your current location, by entering and exiting a black cloud of smoke created by your scythe. (does not provoke an attack of opportunity.)

Soul Stealer When you kill a creature, you may take it's soul. This adds a stackable 1d4 necrotic damage onto the weapon's damage, with a max stack of 15. Outside of combat the soul sealer losses all stolen souls.

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