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Weapon (shortsword), very rare (requires attunement)

You have a +1 bonus to your attack rolls with this weapon which deals 1d8 additional fire damage.

Sense Good. As an action, you may draw upon the weapon's power to sense the presence of all Lawful Good creatures and all creatures of celestial origin within 90 feet of you. Once detected, you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks against those creatures for 1 minute. This weapon regains use of this effect at dusk.

Corrupt. When you hit a non-evil sentient creature with this weapon, they must make a DC 16 Intelligence saving throw at the end of your turn or gain a point of corruption. Once a creature has a point of corruption, doing evil acts makes them gain another point of corruption. These points slowly turn a creature until the creature is fully evil. Personality changes can only be undone through the use of a greater restoration spell or similar magic, however once a creature has reached 6 points of corruption, their personality itself warps to be evil. After that point, magic can not undo the changes done. 1 point of corruption is removed when you finish a long rest.

Corruption Level Effect
1 You may no longer feel empathy.
2 You distrust all good creatures. You become Lawful Neutral if you are good or any other neutral alignment.
3 You gain another flaw of your DM's choice from your background.
4 You become Lawful Evil if you are of any other good or neutral alignment.
5 You begin to personify one of the 7 deadly sins at random.
6 Your sole focus in life becomes to gain power, wealth, and glory for yourself.

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