Axe of Changing State (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (varies), very rare (requires attunement)

This golden war axe has four gems embedded between the two blades. This weapon holds a maximum of 4 charges, and regains 1d4 charges at dawn.

As a bonus action, the wielder can transform the weapon into any of the following weapons: A maul, a long-sword, a battleaxe or a whip.

Battleaxe. The default form of the weapon, which is a superbly crafted golden ax adorned with 4 gems. This magic weapon has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and when you score a critical hit, it deals an additional 1d8 fire damage.

Maul. A golden hammer that possesses 2 green gems on either side that reek of death and decay. This magic weapon deals an additional 1d8 bludgeoning and 1d8 poison damage.

Longsword. A golden long-sword that possesses a blue gem in the pommel and is cold to the touch. You have a +1 bonus to attack rolls with this magic weapon, which deals an additional 2d6 cold damage.

Whip. A golden whip that possesses a dark gem at the base of the stock and is sticky to the touch. You have a +3 bonus to attack rolls with this magic weapon which deals an additional 1d6 necrotic damage.

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