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Weapon (clawed bracers), very rare (requires attunement)

This set of two magic clawed bracers consist of fluffy red gloves and a set of three candy-cane striped metal claws emerging from each bracer. Your hands always seem warm inside them, but their claws deliver a minty chill with each slice. Any hit with either bracer deals an extra 1d6 cold damage even if you aren't attuned to them. Attuning to both bracers counts as only one attuned magic item. While attuned to and wearing both bracers, you gain the following benefits:

Knows When You're Sleeping. If you are able to detect the location of a creature through any means, including both canny means such as through hearing or through any magical detection, you can determine whether or not that creature is unconscious.
Knows if You've Been Bad or Good. You can cast detect evil and good.
Be Good for Goodness Sake. You can cast zone of truth (DC 15).
Coming to Town. You can cast teleport. Once cast in this way, the bracers cannot be used to cast this spell again until the next dawn.
Run Over by a Reindeer. You can cast find steed, but when casting the spell in this way can only choose an elk.
White Christmas. You have resistance to cold damage.

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