The Lemons of Life (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Quarterstaff), Rare (requires attunement by a druid or ranger)

A long staff made from the still-living branch of a druid-blessed lemon tree. After making a successful attack action against a creature with this staff, you may use a bonus action to spend one of its 10 charges to deal an additional 1d4 acid damage to the creature. The amount of damage increases by a d4 under one or both the following circumstances.

The total amount of attacks that the creature has received that have dealt either slashing or piercing damage, is equal to the additional amount of d4's present. For example, if the creature has been dealt damage 3 times by a shortsword, the damage dealt would equal 4d4 in total.

You may also spend multiple charges to increase the amount of d4's used. For every additional charge, another d4 is added to the damage. For example, using 4 charges would equal 4d4 acid damage in total.

Additionally, the staff grows small lemons from its living branches, and are able to be harvested. Every month, 1d4 new lemons grow on the staff, and any unharvested lemons drop off and wither. These lemons may be consumed by any creature, and if they are, they provide the same effects as a single berry from the Goodberry spell. Any lemons removed from the staff lose their magical properties after one week.

The staff regains 1d10 charges at dawn, but if it drops to 0 charges, all lemons on the staff immediently fall and wither, an the staff lies dormant until planted in soft soil and watered like a plant for one week.

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