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Weapon (trident), Legendary

A Trident used to defeat the legendary behemoth Leviathan. Crafters can create Leviathan's Bane with 3 units of Dark-steel and Orichalcum each. The great sea god Poseidon gave this to a great Triton warrior in his greatest faith, now lost to history, with the task of controlling the great titan Levithan. But with a titan fighting a servant of a god, they fought, and descended into the darkest abyss in the plane of water. neither gaining a significant advantage. Eventually they were lost to history, and the weapon too. But it is whispered that when the creature rises once more, a new Heir chosen by Posiedon shall rise up to it and defeat the Titan and bring peace to all denizens of all seas, lakes, and oceans alike. If one that finds it and claims it and may not be the Heir, may be mistaken for it and either revered or hunted.

King of the Sea. When used against aquatic creatures, Leviathan's Bane does an additional 1d8 lightning to the target, and 2d8 to aquatic creatures with size Large or bigger, and 2d8 + 4 to Levithan, ignoring resistance, and treating immunity as resistance.

Lightning Rod. If Leviathan's Bane is used in water, it deals 1d4 lightning damage per turn to all creatures in the water except the wielder in a sphere with a 20-foot radius if they fail a DC 13 Constitution saving throw.

Will of Posiedon. The user of the Trident gains resistance to lightning damage and if the user is not amphibious, can survive underwater for 72 hours before suffocating.

Spells. The trident has 3 charges. For two charges it can cast Lightning Bolt at it’s base level, 3 charges for 4th level, and for one charge the Heir can cast Magic Missile at 1st level, plus 1 charge per level above 1st, but instead of 1d4 + 1 force, it’s 1d6 lightning damage per dart.

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