Venomous Bow (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (any bow or crossbow), very rare (requires attunement)

Poison is flying in the air causing even the hardiest of foes to bend to its will. May your foes take caution when fighting one with the power of poison in one's hand.

Poison Generation. This weapon creates a mild poison that can be applied to ammunition fired. A creature hit with ammunition applied with this poison must make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw at the end of your turn. On failure, they take 5d6 poison damage and are poisoned for 10 minutes. On success, they take half that damage and are not poisoned. If poison is applied to ammunition, it lasts for 1 hour, after which it is harmless. The poison is automatically applied to the ammunition fired unless the creature attuned to this weapon spends 1 hour with a Poisoner's Kit to stop the generation.

Potent Poison. Poisons applied to ammunition fired from this bow cause the target to make the saving throw against the poison at disadvantage.

Thick Blood. Upon attuning to this weapon, you have immunity to poison damage and proficiency when using Poisoner's Kits. If you already have proficiency in Poisoner's Kits, you may double your proficiency bonus.

Compartmental. This weapon has small compartments, large enough for a vial, to fit. It can fit as many as 4 vials at a time.

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