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Weapon (longbow), legendary (requires attunement)

Found in the deepest depths of Brassberg in the third layer of Ysgard, this bow was crafted by Aasterinian herself to be given to only the most worthy and valiant adventurer. Only one of these bows exists and can only be acquired by traveling to Ysgard and confronting Aasterinian. Aasterinian will test the adventurer that comes for the bow harshly and will refuse the weapon to those who fail. The diety is partial towards those with draconic bloodline and will be more inclined to award them with the bow.

Attacks: This bow has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and deals 1d12 piercing damage.

Resistances: Creatures belonging to the dragon type are resistant to all of the weapon's attacks. The weapon also provides the user with a resistance to fire damage.

Charges: The bow has a total of 6 charges. Charges must be used before rolling to attack or as an action. 1 Charge may be spent in order to:

Deal an extra 2d6 fire damage to an enemy on a successful attack. The damage dealt increases by 1d6 per extra charge spent.

Use "Aasterinian's Gift" (detailed below) as an action.

Summon three "draconic arrows" that deal an extra 1d6 piercing damage. These arrows disappear after one minute.

Use "Messenger of Io" (detailed below) as an action.

1d4 + 1 charges are replenished at dawn.

Aasterinian's Gift: The wielder of this bow is granted the ability to use a fire breath weapon, similar to that given to dragonborns. The target of this must make a DC 17 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the target will take 2d6 fire damage and half as much on a successful one. If the user already has the ability to use a breathe weapon, the damage type automatically changes to fire while wielding the bow and the damage increases one step(d6 to d8).

Messenger of Io: The user may call upon the favor of Io, the draconic chief deity of creation. For the next 10 minutes, any creature of draconic ancestry or bloodline will act peacefully towards you unless directly attacked, at which point the effect will end. Charisma based skill checks against a draconic creatures will be at an advantage while the effect is active. This may not be activated during combat and requires 1 min of focus and verbal incantation from the wielder.

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