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Weapon (arrows), common (minor)

With similar properties to that of hardened glass, Caelium is a rather interesting metal. Found near the tops of mountains, hills, and other areas where the presence of elemental air is common, it is most often used in decoration, due to being prefered by some metal artisans for it's ease to work with.

However, it wasn't always just for show. Believed to be due to it's connection with elemental air, it is very light and, when used in arrow heads, allows a good marksman to fire at long ranges while hardly needing to account for velocity over time or the wind. It's use is banned in several civilized places, as on impact it breaks into dozens of pieces, making most wounds look like dire porcupine attacks. These are incredibly hard to clean, and those who are struck in fatal places commonly die from an inability to remove these splinters successfully. Those that do carry these war crimes on arrow shafts are commonly arrested on sight.

Light as Air. When you have disadvantage due to making an attack at long range with a Caelium arrow, you ignore the disadvantage caused by this.

Sharp as Glass. On a hit, attacks made with a Caelium arrow deal 1 extra piercing damage. However, they will immediately shatter irreparably upon hitting something.

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