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Weapon (longsword), very rare (requires attunement)

A long, black blade, as serrated as it gets. From a glance, one may assume it was primitive, but at a closer look, especially in combat, the genius of its design becomes quickly apparent. Small, glimmers of silver run along the non-serrated side of the blade showing that the blade has been scorched black and that silver was its original colour. Under the guard rests a small button, which is where the magical capabilities become obvious.

The Black Prince is freely capable of creating and igniting massive amounts of black powder with its serrated edge, which when in the hands of a master, turns this weapon from a master-crafted sword to something resembling a hand-held siege weapon.

Strange Form. Black Prince deals an extra 1d8 slashing damage on a hit, and has the Finesse property.

Fire Reliance. Any feature below this fails to function in water, taking the action but doing nothing.

Spark-Out. As a bonus action, you can cause your next attack with this weapon on this turn to deal 1d6 extra fire damage.

Black Fury. If you hit something with a melee attack that isn't a creature while Spark-Out is active, you may then launch yourself. Everything within 5 feet of you takes 1d6 fire damage, and you may move in any direction up to your speed (minimum of half your speed), not provoking opportunity attacks. If you cannot move more than 5 feet using this, you take 1d6 fire damage as well.

Prince's Roar. As an action, you may release a massive, 20-foot radius cloud of black powder (centred on you). This area is considered lightly obscured. If an attack with black prince or something else that deals fire damage hits within the cloud, it explodes. Everything within 5 feet of the cloud takes 2d6 fire damage, 4d6 if they are within the cloud. The cloud disappears after this but will linger for 5 minutes prior to ignition. You may only do this once, regaining the use after an hour.

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