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Weapon (Shortbow and Longbow), Common

A bow given to those who Nox, the god of night, deems worthy. It is made of a dark blue wood, with silver runes ketch on it. It gives off a pale blue light.

'Cover of Night If it is night, and you are outside, you have advantage on any attack roll made with this bow. In addition, failing your attack roll does not reveal where you are if attempting to hide.

Moon's light This bow has 1d6 + your wisdom modifier charges. When making an attack roll with this weapon, you can expend a charge to add 1d6 radiant damage. This bow does not lose a charge if it is night. When the moon rises (dusk), this bow regains 1d4 charges. If this bow loses all its charges, it loses its magical properties.

Sight of stars You call upon the stars to help guide your shot. If stars are visible in the sky, you can add 5 to your attack roll. You can only do this 2d6 times per long rest.

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