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Weapon (longbow), legendary (requires attunement by a creature with a Strength or Dexterity score of 18 or higher)

Created from the remains of a felled Ruiner Nergigante, the scales and spikes on this bow continually regrow, promising unending pain to foes. The Ruinous Doom is a large longbow designed to look like the gnarled image of a maw lined with large teeth which is connected by the grip. A red drawstring tied in a crude knot holds together the machinations of the bow, splitting in three different directions: one connecting to a large spike at the bottom of the bow and the other separating to two large horns, which when pulled forces the maw open, allowing arrows to be fired. Due to the tension of the drawstring and it’s nigh unwieldiness, this bow offers any strong enough to use it with accuracy and power unlike any other.

The Ruinous Doom is a magic longbow that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it so long as you are using arrows made by Ruinous Doom. When using ammunition not provided by the Regenerating Spikes property of this weapon, it acts like a normal longbow.

Rapid Fire. Each time you land a hit on one or more creatures with the bow using a normal attack, your next attack deals an additional 1d8 to the damage (max 3d8), as your arrow splits into multiple arrows formed of energy. Your Rapid Fire resets after your third consecutive hit or if one of your normal attacks miss.

Charged Shot. As part of the Attack action you can forgo an attack with this weapon in order to grant this weapon 1 charge (max 3). When you make an attack roll while the weapon has any charges, all charges are expended and that attack is made with advantage; you can forgo this advantage and all other advantages you gain on this turn to gain 1 extra charge expend on this attack. On hit the weapon deals an extra 1d10 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier for each charge expended in this way.

Ruinous Downpour (2/long rest) You may cast Conjure Volley (save DC 18) only when you use a Charged Shot that uses 3 charges. Your Charged Shot is launched into the air over an area covered by the Conjure Volley spell. You ignore the nonmagical weapon and ammunition restrictions of the spell. Additionally, on hit, you add the damage your Charged Shot would deal to any creatures affected by this property.

Regenerating Spikes. The weapon regenerates spikes which form into adamantine arrows after reaching maturity. You can only hold 30 spikes at a time. The weapon regenerates 2d8 + 2 spikes daily at dawn.

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