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Battle Pan

Simple Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Battle Pan 2 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning 3 lb. Light, Versatile (1d6), Special

This weapon has a unique history. During a raid on a small village, a goblin warrior named Scabby Rottentoes was in the thick of the battle between him and his goblin raiding party, and the human villagers. While most of them were farmers and weren't skilled in fighting, a few of them were retired adventurers, which eventually made the raid almost impossible to accomplish. But before the goblins were driven off, Scabby saw a most peculiar sight. He saw a woman, 30, maybe 35 years old, holding off four goblins with shortswords, daggers, and shortbows with nothing but a frying pan. He could tell she was skilled, possibly was an adventurer at one point, but it was the choice of weaponry that surprised him the most. She must have been cooking when the raid occurred. When the fight was finished, three goblins were knocked out, one of which had a broken jaw, and the last one was dead with a caved-in skull. After the failed raid, Scabby was inspired by what he saw, so he asked his second cousin Wartpick Snout, who was the tribe's blacksmith, to forge him a frying pan fit for a warrior. Owing him a favor for helping him get a date with his "hot" cousin, who is now his wife, he agreed. Over the course of a few different raids on caravans and travelers on the roads, his goblin comrades, at first, mocked him, but quickly realized how surprisingly effective the weapon was. Soon, the tribe started to implement this weapon more and more. Then, other tribes started to do the same. Now, many goblins considered to be an effective weapon, even as good as sword in some cases. They are still fairly rare, but odds are that you can find a least one goblin in a tribe to wield this weird but effective weapon.
You get +1 to your AC if you are wielding it and have no shield. However, due to the nature of the weapon, it is ineffective against heavy armor, which causes a -2 to damage rolls.
Variant Rule: Incapacitating Weapon

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A combat-ready Battle Pan.
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