Leviathan Daggers (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (dagger), Legendary (Any chaotic alignment)

These practically weightless daggers were carved from the teeth of the ancient Leviathan, the primordial serpent. All but two have thus been lost to time and thievery, as well as those who sought to destroy them. They emanate the creepy, slimy feeling of the depths. The blades are a fine silvery color with a deadly point. The hilt is blue and scaly, wrapped with dark lines resembling the ribbing of a fish's fins. Despite coming from the beast of the sea, these blades have the power over death and necrotic energies as well. Those who touch them experience their chaotic nature, which latches on immediately, bonding to its wielder till death do them apart.

Deadly. These daggers deal 2d12 necrotic damage in addition to the usual 1d4 piercing.

Bond. You may expend one hour to bond with this weapon, letting its power permeate and bind to your soul as you hold them. When thrown, these daggers will instantly return to the user they bonded with, with no action on their part. The daggers cannot be stolen once bonded, instead reappearing always by its bondholder's side.

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