Reginald the Strongsword (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Longsword), Legendary (requires attunement by a Fighter, Barbarian, or Paladin)

This sword appears to be a finely forged longsword with baroque style engraving on the cross guard, otherwise it is a normal +2 sword before attunement.

Sentience Reginald is a sentient weapon of chaotic good alignment with an intelligence of 10, wisdom of 15, and a charisma of 12. He has hearing and blindsight out to a range of 60ft. Upon attuning to this weapon you hear a thick, gruff British accent introducing himself as Reginald, the strongest sword in the world at which time two extremely muscular arms spurt forth from mid blade and start flexing. Reginald has a strength of 23 and a dexterity of 10. It takes a bonus action to have him bring his arms out. He can punch twice per turn and his fists have a +7 to hit, deal 1d4+6 , any unarmed attacks are innately magical. He can count as a separate creature like you would treat a pet/companion (on DM's discretion). Outside of combat his arms can be used for whatever helping hand you need.

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