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Weapon, You need rarity here. (requires attunement by a death knight)

This blade was created in the great runeforges of the Death Knights. On the hilt of the sword, it reads "Woe to any Fiendish or Undead creature that touches this blade," in Celestial and Abyssal.

This sword does 1d10 slashing damage when used with one hand or 2d6 slashing damage when used with two hands. This weapon can only be wielded by a Death Knight. When someone with a evil alignment tries to pick up this weapon, they take 3d6 Radiant damage and they are unable to lift it. Against fiends and undead, this sword does an extra 3d6 radiant damage.

This weapon has 10 charges, as an action you can expend 1 charge to gain a +5 bonus on attack rolls against undead and fiends as well as a +5 bonus to AC against the attacks of undead and fiends for the following hour. As a bonus action, you can expend a charge to activate the hilt for an hour and any ally that starts their turn in a 15 foot radius gains 2d6+2 hitpoints at the start of their turn. It regains 2d4+2 expended charges every day at dawn.

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