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Wondrous item, very rare

A stasis slab is the size is a rectangular, smooth slab of stone a little bit taller and wider than an average humanoid. They typically come with wooden cases which leave the front side exposed, that have strange runes carved into. Attached to the wooden exterior, are large iron handlebars. Such slabs were created for easy transport, storage or imprisonment of individuals. At all times, there is a humanoid trapped within the slab with the front of their body protruding from the surface of the slab, now turned to stone. When another humanoid comes into contact with the slab, the being inside the slab will reach out and attempt to grab the user. The being outside the slab must make a DC 17 Strength or Dexterity saving throw or be pulled into the slab. In an instant, whoever is being pulled in will become trapped inside the slab, with their front side facing outwards and turned to stone while whoever was trapped in the slab is freed. While inside the slab, the being trapped is in a form of stasis, where they do not suffer the effects of aging, disease, curses, etc. Any being trapped inside the slab is incapacitated and a humanoid will exit the slab in the same state that they were in when they entered it. While inside, the being is in a dreamlike state and feel as if no time had passed when they are released. The only way to free a being from the slab is for another humanoid to enter it. The slab and its exterior have an Ac of 19, 300 Hit Points, and are immune to acid, cold, fire, lightning, and bludgeoning, slashing and piercing damage from nonmagical attacks. The slab regains 6d20 Hit Points at the start of each day. If the slab is destroyed, the being that is trapped inside it perishes

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