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Wondrous Item, legendary

Tokens of the damned are simple everyday objects (such as a fork, button, nail, etc.) imbued with dark infernal energy. They are usually made by powerful night hags, cultists or fiends so that their victims may suffer eternal damnation in the nine hells. Once a humanoid comes into contact with the token of the damned, they must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, they are automatically attuned to them and the first phase of the curse initiates. Clerics and paladins with have advantage when trying to identify the token of the damned or the source of the curse. When in the presence of the token of the damned, they will feel strange and uneasy, knowing that something dark has entered into their presence.

Dragged to Hell. Over the next 1d8 + 4 days, you will begin to have dreams about torture, suffering and pain. They will also have the strange feeling of being watched, which is caused by the plethora of lesser devils who have been drawn to them so that they may witness your fate. In an attempt to cause you even more suffering, they may attempt to target those around you with more tokens of the damned and will not refrain from targeting you with all their might, hoping to hasten your trip to hell. After each long rest, you must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or suffer the effects of long term madness until you finish another long rest. Any attempts to get rid of the token will fail, either by randomly appearing back in your possessions or are brought back to you by a stranger.

At the end of the 1d8 + 4 days, every time you take a long rest, you must make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, hell is able to lock onto your soul and the ground beneath you will begin to crack and break, showing a one way to hell underneath. Arms and chains will burst out, wrapping around you and you will be pulled through the portal with the token in tow. Then, the portal will close as quickly as it opened. In hell, you will be forced to suffer an eternity of pain and torture at the hands of devils, never die get and never being given a moment's rest. A wish spell or any other powerful magical means determined by your DM can reveal your location, but can not bring you back. Asmodeus guards such a prisoner to the best of his abilities.

If you perish before the curse can take effect, then your soul will emerge from the River Styx as a lemure under the DM’s control in Avernus in 1d4 hours. If you aren’t revived before then, only a wish spell or killing the lemure and casting true resurrection on the your original body can restore you to life with the curse no longer in effect. Devils will try to create another devil out of your lemure as fast as they can, to prevent even that. Both your body and soul than must be brought back by a separate wish spell. The token will still retain its magical properties. Most likely, an imp carries it off and drops it in a place where clerics are rare, so its curse can spread further. The item reforms in random place on the material plane if destroyed.

Removing the Curse

The only way to remove the curse is to destroy the token of the damned. It takes a ritual where three clerics spend an hour focusing divine energy onto the token. The ritual needs concentration by all three clerics and if even one of the clerics loses concentration, the token breaks free and deals all three clerics 1d10 necrotic damage. The ritual must then be repeated from the beginning. Devils who have been observing the humanoid afflicted by the curse will try to intervene so that the curse is able to run its course and will retreat if the ritual is disrupted, waiting for it to start anew. If the ritual fails three times you will be dragged to hell with no saving throw allowed and each cleric must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or be dragged in with you.

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