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Weapon (longbow), very rare (requires attunement)

This obsidian bow is covered in inscriptions of creatures going mad or withering away into nothingness. The bow is a bit small, but carries the same heft as a regular longbow and overall is remarkably flexible while sturdy. You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon.

Ethereal Arrows. This bow forms its own arrows out of the weave, and does not consume ammunition to fire.

Destroyer Arrow. When you shoot an arrow you may choose (for every arrow shot you may choose) to activate a destroyer arrow. When activated, the arrow starts pulsing red and streaks at a target of your choosing within 200 feet of you. When the arrow hits, a 30 foot radius sphere around the target is filled with destructive damage. Each creature in the area must make a DC 16 Constitution or Intelligence(their choice) saving throw. On a failed save, they take 2d6 force and 2d6 psychic damage as their body and mind are invaded by the chaotic energy. On a successful save, they take half as much.

Curse: At dusk every day of being in possession of this bow, you must make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw or have your hit point maximum lowered by 1d4. A remove curse spell may unattuned you from this weapon and restore you to your hit point maximum, but if the user attunes to the Bow of Destruction again after un-attuning to it, their hit point maximum gets reduced by the same amount the user had before they broke attunement with this weapon.

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