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Wondrous Item (circlet), very rare

Stories tell of a beautiful princess as gorgeous as she was arrogant. She was more preoccupied with her own face then her suffering people. The Gods saw this and decided to make an example of her. At one of her lavish parties, one of the gods disguised themselves as a simple old beggar woman and presented her with a gift, a beautiful golden circlet. The Princess was utterly taken by its beauty and immediately put it on, which made her skin glitter as if it was gold. But she never even thought to thank the poor old lady who gave her the gift. Instead, she pushed the woman away and went to show off her new accessory.

That night, while she was preparing for bed, appearing before her was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. They both immediately embraced each other and he kissed her. She lovingly returned the kiss, but after a certain point, she felt that she was no longer able to pull away. She then felt as her lips hardened and her eyes glazed over as they turned to gold. She also felt as the rest of her body began to melt away. This was no ordinary circlet. The gods infused it with a magical spirit that would punish the wearer for their arrogance and lust.

The next morning, when her attendants came to her room, they found both the golden circlet and a golden mask, depicting her face, frozen in time in her ever eternal beauty. If she wanted to be beautiful, she would be beautiful forever, as a decoration on someones wall. All the while still conscious, unable to move and unable to change her fate.

Over the centuries, more circlets would be created in attempts to punish similar people.

The Circlet of the Golden Mask is a beautify engraved gold circlet with a blue sapphire embedded in the front.

Noble Face. The circlet enhances all the beautiful or handsome features of your face, and makes you appear more aristocratic. Your skin faintly shimmers with a gold lustre. You have advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks made when dealing with members of high social status or to pass yourself off as one.

Curse: Beauty Engraved in Gold. At the end of each long rest you must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw.

On the first failed save, you become more arrogant and concerned with your appearance. On the second failed save, you will be visited by the person of your dreams. They will enter into your embrace and kiss you. But after a few seconds, you will begin to feel strange and will be unable to pull away. Over the next minute, your lips will harden, your eyes will glaze over and your face will turn to gold. All the while, you will begin to lose feeling in the rest of your body and are no longer able to move, as your body is melting away. Once the transformation is complete, all that will be left is the circlet and a golden mask depicting the users face, frozen its time, all the while conscious and aware of their surroundings. The spirit will stop kissing the mask and will carefully set both objects down before returning into the circlet. If a resurrection spell is cast on the mask, the spirit in the mask will regain control over their facial features and will be able to communicate for 10 minutes, before going back to a motionless state. The same effects can be achieved through the performance of a 5-minute ritual by a spellcaster of 6th-level or higher. The only way to return the target back to normal is through a wish spell. However, should the wearer succeed three times back-to-back, they become immune to this curse while retaining the benefits for 1d12-1 months (minimum of 1)

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