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Wondrous Item, uncommon (A spoken command word)

This item can appear as single black prayer beads or a necklace with white fang like beads between the five black beads that lie on the chest then after every five after that but they will never touch. When activated by the use of a particular word, the beads glow and bring the wearer under control. These are often used by priests, priestesses and paladins.

Indestructible and unmovable. Once they are placed on the demon or half-demon target, the Kotodama no Nenju can only be removed by the "word sayer". Try as they might, the wearer cannot remove, break or cut the beads from around their neck.

One Owner. Only one person can activate the beads. Others can try but will fail.

Have a Nice Fall. Activating the beads causes the wearer to fall at high speeds and land face first.

More Pain. Even if the wearer is already down, the repeating of the trigger word pulls them further still into the ground and continues to cause pain.

Pure. As a spiritual artifact, the Kotodama no Nenju can have an effect on demonic energies within the immediate vicinity.

Reduced Power, melted body parts if hit by individual beads, prevent or stop demonic transformations if the command word is used, or break demonic curses and possessions
The Kotodama no Nenju from Inuyasha

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