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Wondrous Item, rare

A Cursed Portrait appears to be a simple blank canvas with a simple wooden frame. When a humanoid enters within 5ft of the canvas, it will magically produce a paintbrush in the humanoids hands. The humanoid then must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. On a success nothing happens. If they let go of the paint brush, it will disappear. On a failure, the paintbrush will become bonded to the users hand and they will feel the need to paint a portrait of themselves. The user then must make a performance (Charisma) check. The lower the roll, the longer it will take to paint the portrait.

Putting Everything Into Your Work. The paintbrush uses the users body and soul to paint the portrait instead of actual paint. When the user paints in one of their features, they will loose that feature physically. The paintbrush will continue to paint even when the user has no fingers left. Once the painting is finished, the paintbrush will disappear. The painting appears to be a perfect depiction of the user. The picture will then become animated, with the users soul now taking control of his new 2-D form. The user is unable to leave the painting and is unable to pass the borders of the pictures frame. The humanoid will retain control over his body for the first 24 hours. Afterwards, they must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, they retain movement and control for another 24 hours where they must repeat the saving throw. On a failure, the humanoid will cease all movement and become a still picture. They enter into a dream like state where they can still perceive their surroundings, but have trouble keeping track of the passage of time. If a creature addresses the entity in the picture by their name, the picture will once again become animated. The humanoid may then engage with conversation with whoever addressed it. If the person who addresses the picture leaves or tells the picture to stop, the painting will no longer be animated.

Ritual Art. A 1 minute ritual may be performed in which an unwilling creature is forced into the painting. During the ten minute ritual, lines of paint will begin to seep out of the frames edges. They will crawl up the body and completely coat the creature in multicolored paint. The creature will then turn into a thin liquid, similar to paint and be sucked into the painting. The lines of paint will then rearrange themselves to give the appearance of the creature. The painting acts as it would if it was cursed normally.

Removing the Curse. When the creature is painting the portrait, a Remove Curse Spell may be cast on them to destroy the bond between them and the painting and return them back to normal. If they have fully been absorbed into the painting, a Greater Restoration Spell is needed to return them to normal.

If the painting is destroyed, the entity inside it will perish.

Painting Time
Performance Check Time

4 Hours


3 Hours


2 Hours


1 Hour

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