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Wondrous Item (book), rare (requires attunement)

This book has polished brass on the corners of its brown cover, and a holy symbol in the center of it.

While attuned to this item you are treated as having proficiency in Religion checks. Additionally, the first time each day you roll initiative, you gain the benefits of the Sanctuary spell.

Curse. This book is cursed. The visions of the afterlife created by this book weaken the spirit’s grip on life. While attuned to this item you suffer disadvantage on Death saving throws. This curse will only manifest the first time the creature attuned to the book is brought to 0 HP, so it will not be sensed by any identify spell but will be revealed by a legend lore spell. Once a creature has attuned to the book, they cannot unattune to it until the curse is removed. The curse can only be removed when the attuned creature visits plane of positive energy, such as Mount Celestia, or similarly utopian planes of existence.

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