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Wondrous Item, Rare

A bottle of ink. A mixture of colors from green, red, pink, purple, and several shades of blue.

The ink will only pour out if it is over skin. When it comes out, the entire bottle of ink will come out immediately, and the bottle will turn to dust shortly after. The ink cannot be washed off, or removed. After 1d4 days, the ink will form into a mermaid shape, with dark-ish skin, long hair, and a colorful tail.

This tattoo is 5 inches tall if on an arm or leg, 3 inches tall if on the neck/face area, 7 inches tall on the back, and 6 inches on the chest.

The tail color is determined by a 1d6 roll.

1 = Pink. 2 = Purple. 3 = Green. 4 = Gold. 5 = Blue. 6 = DM Chooses.

The hair color is determined by a 1d4 roll.

1 = Green. 2 = Red. 3 = Pink. 4 = DM Chooses.

Behavior The tattoo will simply appear as is for 1 week. But after this, the mermaid will start moving around your body. She can see as long as it is not being covered by clothing, and if covered, she will try to move to a place where she can see.

After 2 weeks, she will gain more intelligence. She has an INT of 14, and can telepathically speak with the person she is on. At this point, she will also need certain energy, and feed off of the energy of you. You will have to eat 2 pounds of food as well as your limit on water, or gain 1 point of exhaustion after 3 days.

After 5 weeks, she will be able to talk by herself, being audible to others. She can also remove clothing on your body and draw other tattoos. These tattoos disappear after 4 hours.

She will also try to get you to do several things that she wants to do. She will want this, and even swim on your face nonstop and annoy you until you do it. Benefits

With the tattoo applied, after 1 week, you gain the Amphibious trait, being able to breathe in water and in air. You also gain +2 to CHA, but -1 to Intimidation checks.

After 2 weeks, you will be able to speak/understand Aquan and a very simple vocabulary of Sylvan.

Curse When you have had the Mermaid Tattoo for more than 6 months, she will suddenly become less and less social, hanging out on the back, and entertaining herself by singing. But every day, you must roll a DC 15 WIS saving throw. On a fail, the Mermaid will become 1 inch larger. On a 1, the Mermaid will become 2 inches larger. On a success, the Mermaid will stop acting like this for 4 days, but then the behavior will continue.

Eventually, the Mermaid will become so large that she cannot move to your back, but must stay on your front. When she finally becomes exactly as big as you, the curse takes effect.

The tattoo will suddenly shrink to a dime, and move right to your left cheek. She will stay there, and not move.

Every 2 days, a single feature from the Mermaid will copy over to you, but exaggerated deeply. Her hair will be three times as long on you, and so on. But after every feature comes, her tail will not copy over on time. Instead, you will live like this for 2 months, and when you enter a body of water large enough, then it will come. After this, the full transformation will be solidified and cannot be reversed.

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