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Wondrous Item (Armchair), very rare

An Incredibly Comfy Armchair appears is a plush, incredibly comfortable, incredibly cushy armchair. When a creature sits in it, they will discover that a mere one hour rest in the chair is the equal to a full long rest. After the you have sat in the chair for at least 3 hours (this time builds up from multiple uses) you must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, nothing happens and you must repeat the saving throw if you sit in the chair again for one hour. On a failure, you will become unwilling to leave the chair. You can be forcefully removed from the chair, but for the next hour, you will attempt to do anything in your power to get back in the chair. After this hour passes, you no longer feel compelled to sit in the chair. This effect can also be achieved through the casting of a remove curse spell. If a full hour passes with you in the chair, you will become stuck to the chair and will be unable to get out. Over the next few minutes, your body will begin to shrink. Your skin will turn into fabric woven in beautiful and complicated designs, your bones will dissolve and your insides will be replaced with stuffing. Your arms, legs, head and other outward appendages will recede into your torso, with will take on a more rectangular shape. After a few minutes, you will be replaced by a simple throw pillow. The effects can be reversed if a Greater Restoration spell is cast on you during your transformation. Afterwards, you can only be brought back to normal with a wish spell.

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