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Wondrous Item, very rare

This collar is spiked and has a strange appeal to it. They are created by powerful devils and infernal cultists to corrupt the minds of mortals. Good aligned humanoids must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or have an irresistible urge to put the collar on. When the collar is donned, the target will become auto-attuned to it and the collar will fuse to their skin. The only way to remove it is through the use of remove curse or other such spells.

Infernal Transformation. But after 1d4 days of continued attunment, these spells will fail. Over the next hour, the targets body and mind will slowly begin to transform and warp. They will be drawn to infernal tainted objects and beings and will have the urge to do evil. Their eyes will begin to turn yellow, their skin will slowly change to a dark red, their hair turning black. Their nails will sharpen into black claws and horns will begin to slowly and painfully sprout from their skull. In the final stages, they will begin growing a tail and wings will suddenly sprout in a shower of blood. At the end, their alignment will change to neutral evil, the collar will release itself from the users flesh and if the character fails a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw they will fall under the Dm's control. The user has finished their transformation into a Cambion. The Cambion must make a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw they will then attempt to find a new humanoid to wear the collar. To then join its infernal brethren, the Cambion will cut all ties with its former self by killing their former friends and family and by destroying any places or objects close to them.

The only way to remove the curse is through a wish spell.

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