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Wondrous Item, very rare

Seeds of Eternal Enrootment are powerful magic items typically created by powerful fey, druids or forest spirits as a more simple and elegant way of dealing with creatures and humanoids that have been causing them trouble. The Seeds of Eternal Enrootment are small brown seeds with thin gold lining and they emit a faint glow when in the dark. This is meant to draw in creatures so that they may be picked up. Druids have advantage identifying the magical objects. If the first phase of the curse has already begun, a druid of 10th-level or higher can perform a ritual that will transfer the curse to them, taking on that creatures burden. Once this ritual ends, the will immediately initiate phase two. They will also be subjected to the curse extension.

One with the Forest.After picking up the seeds, you must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or the seeds will embed themselves into your body. Over the next 1d4 days, your skin will become rough, almost the texture and color of wood, you will begin to feel stiff giving you disadvantage on dexterity checks saving throws, and small leaves and twigs may grow out of your skin making you unable to wear any types of armor. The curse can be ended through a remove curse spell of 5th level or higher. But during the second phase, these spells will also fail. Plants, constructs, druids, fey and natural beasts of the forest are immune to the effects of the Seeds of Eternal Enrootment.

After the 1d4 days, when you finish a long rest, your feet will become stuck and rooted to the ground, now completely made of wood and giving you a speed of 0ft. Over the next few minutes, your body will become completely stiff and you will be unable to move. Your flesh will turn to bark and branches will grow from your upper body as your arms and fingers grow and extend. The transformation finally ends as your mind melts away and becomes one will the earth. Trees and plants will begin to sprout up around you and a new forest will begin to grow around you. If one was to look carefully, they may be able to discern your face from the wood, frozen in time, contorted in agony. The only way you may be returned to normal is when a True Resurrection spell is cast on the tree.

Curse Extension.When a Druid of 10th-level or higher performs the ritual on the cursed victim, they take the curse on themselves. The final phase of the curse immediately goes into effect, but their transformation is different. To what would normally happen. Their transformation is painless and peaceful, for they have accepted their fate and are content in becoming one with the forest. 1d6 days later, the druids soul will be given new form. They will emerge from the tree as a dryad, a guardian of the forest eternally bound to the tree that used to be their mortal form. All their statistics change but they still retain their original memories. They cannot leave the forest and their days of adventuring are over. They will say their goodbyes to their companions and join the forest. Due to them willingly sacrificing themselves and their souls merging with the planet themselves, there is no way to return them back to normal.

The curses final transformation

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