King's Sword of Hearts (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Greatsword), Very Rare (requires attunement by a creature that is not an evil alignment.)

The sword previously belonging to the King of Hearts. Used in battles to woe the widows of the town he just destroyed. This is considered a Greatsword of +2 with a twist.

Curse: While attuned to the greatsword, they are telepathically linked to the overbearing demon inside of it. Whenever you meet a creature, that of which the creature is attracted to, the sword will cast suggestion on them, Wisdom Save will be needed to not follow the suggestion (DC 18). Upon a fail, the creature wielding the sword will try to kill any known husbands or significant others of the creature they just met. The sentience of the sword will telepathically whisper the whereabouts of the said person periodically. Once the task is done or 24 hours has passed anmwithout the task being completed, they will no longer be under the spell but won't remember what happened between the failed save and the ending of the spell.

Only the wish spell can return the memories of when they were under the spells effects.

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