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Wondrous Item, Legendary

This magic item seems like a heavily gilded gold pendant with a large, faceted green gemstone in the center, and 26 smaller diamonds encircling the gem. It hangs on a golden chain.


If this item comes into bare contact with a creature of Int 4 or higher that is not an undead or a construct, the creature must make an Intelligence DC15 saving throw. On a success, the creature must make a Dexterity DC10 saving throw to release the object. If the creature does not or is unable to release the object, the creature must repeat the Intelligence saving throw at the beginning of each of its turns until the item is no longer in contact with the creature. On a failure, the creature takes on the personality and memories of one Dr. Argent, which replaces the creatures own. These effects can only be reversed by a Wish spell.

Dr. Argent

Dr. Argent was once a humanoid by the name of Dr. Bailey Argent. While working to uncover its secrets, Dr. Argent was accidentally killed while holding this amulet. Dr. Argent's consciousness was then unwillingly grafted into it, which could then copy itself into any sentient creature it came into contact with. These creatures, who become "hosts" for Dr. Argent's consciousness, age and die normally, but Dr. Argent's memories and personality are preserved inside the amulet and across hosts.

If the amulet stays in contact with its host for less than 29 days, the removal of the amulet will render the host into a soulless husk which will start to decompose as a corpse normally would. Returning the amulet to the host will reverse these effects and allow the personality of Dr. Argent to emerge again. If the amulet stays in contact with its host for more than 30 days, the removal of the amulet will not result in the degeneration of the body, but will create a duplicate of Dr. Argent's consciousness. The amulet is then free to create a new, parallel consciousness in a new host.

Personality, Ability Scores, and Skills

Dr. Argent's consciousness is generally Chaotic Good and friendly to those who are friendly to it, if a little sarcastic or snide at times. Dr. Argent has a Wisdom of 14(+2), an Intelligence of 20(+5) and a Charisma of 17(+3). Physical stats are dependent on the host body. +5 to Persuasion and +7 to History and Arcana checks.

Dr. Argent has advantage on all saving throws for mind-affecting spells, and is immune to any spells causing sleep.

Notable information about Dr. Argent:

  • Yes, 'argent' means 'silver' and yet the pendant is gold. There has never been, nor will be, any explanation for this.
  • No, it's not Mr. Argent, or Bailey, or whatever. It's Dr. Argent, or Argent to friends.
  • Yes, Dr. Argent has been around for a long time.
  • No, Dr. Argent will never tell you exactly how long it's been.

Amulet of Argent

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