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Wondrous Item (Necklace), very rare (requires attunemnet)

The Necklace of the Siren is a beautiful gold and silver necklace with a symbol of a golden dove at the center. Bards and other people who like to sing feel that they are attracted to the necklace. While attuned to the necklace, the wearer has advantage and a +5 bonus to all performance checks made for singing. The wearer is also able to cast Charm Person once a day by singing (Save DC 10 + Charisma modifier). After 1d8 + 6 instances where the necklaces abilities are put to use, the necklaces curse will come into effect.

A Cursed Tune.The user will feel the compulsive need to sing whenever they can. They will also grow extremely protective of the necklace, refusing to take it of or let other people touch it. At this point, the curse can be removed with spells such as remove curse or if the necklace is removed from the wearer. 1d4 days after the curse takes effect, the necklace will seem to fuse with the wearers skin and the user will be unable to stop singing. At this point, a greater restoration spell or other stronger spells of a similar type are needed to lift the curse. But after 1 hour, all such spells short of a wish spell will fail. Once this hour passes, the user will one last song in their humanoid form. Over the next ten minutes, all while singing, the wearer will begin to transform. Feathers will sprout from the their lower body, their fingers will grow into sharp talons, their legs will change and contort into those of a bird and feathery wings will sprout from their back. If they were of the male gender, they may also gain a little weight up front. Once the ten minutes are over, their song will end and their transformation into a Harpy is now complete. All of the character's stats have changed to those of a Harpy and they are now under your Dm's control. Once the transformation ends, the only way to bring them back to normal is through a wish spell.

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