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Weapon (great scythe), legendary (requires attunement by being a creature of a demonic descent with an evil or chaotic alignment and having a Strength score equal to or greater than 15.)

A large, dark red handed scythe, with a black blade, with glowing runes etched into the blade. This weapon radiates black fog around it, which to creatures of a good alignment feel a dreadful presence when near it. This weapon was forged by a great blacksmith of the time, Forgork. While not wanting to make this weapon, was forced to by an evil fire elemental sent by his master. While creating this weapon, being constantly watched over by the elemental, had to make it according to its wishes which was to devour the souls of the living and was said its creation was necessary for his master's plan to succeed. After many months of making this weapon, biding for time, Forgork finally found it possible to create the weapon and trap the spirit inside using a certain set of runes. Doing this cursed the weapon, and to make sure no one ever used the weapon, for as to not release the spirit, he made it so that to use this weapon you must pledge your soul to it.. i mean no one would EVER do that... would they?
This magical weapon has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls (bonus damage dealt as fire damage) and deals an additional 1d8 fire damage.

Frightening Presence. As a bonus action, the wielder can make a Charisma (Intimidation) check against the target's Wisdom (Insight). If the wielder's check succeeds, the target is frightened until the end of the wielder's next turn. This effect can only be used on one target, per every 3 turns. This effect can only be used every 2 turns of the wielder or every 6 hours.

Curse. While attuned, you become soulbound to the weapon, which can only be removed if they are targeted by remove curse or similar magic.
While soulbound, any damage dealt by this weapon, halved, is also dealt to the wielder as fire damage. If you are immune to fire damage, you treat this damage as if you had resistance to fire damage ontop of the aforementioned half damage. After the wielder slays anything that is not of the undead or construct type, the wielder gets an immense hunger for that creature's soul which increases as time passes without obtaining said soul, and can use a bonus action to reap the soul of the creature, dealing 1d8 fire damage to the wielder, but adds a charge to the weapon. This weapon can only have 5 charges at any point in time.

Hell Forged. This weapon was made with endless time and immense effort. When you attack with this weapon, once per tun you may use any amount of up to 5 charges, and for each charge expended deal an additional 1d6 fire damage up to a maximum for 5d6 fire damage. When using this effect the runes on the side of the weapon glow red, and get brighter and brighter orange with the more charges used, and when using 5 charges the scythe's runes glow a bright orange and rage with fire for the next turn, and if any creatures other than yourself is within a 10 foot cube of you, they take 3d6 fire damage from the explosion of fire.

Heavy Duty. This weapon was made as tough as tough can be through fine craftsmanship , being as so, this weapon cannot be destroyed by conventional means. To destroy this weapon the attuned must succeed a DC 18 Strength check using a forging hammer, or take 6d8 fire damage from the explosion of fire after trying to break it. When destroyed the fire elemental within will thank you for freeing it and will go off finding the person who trapped it inside of this weapon.

Scythe of Reaped Souls

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