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Weapon (berserker blade), Very Rare (requires attunement)

Sharp on all ends, even the handle, the Blade of Sacrifice is a dangerous one. To any man that dares offer his own life to the absorbent runes that cover the blade gains massive power, but the cost is steep.

Sacrifice. As a bonus action while the sword is drawn, you may enter a state of sacrifice, which lasts until you end it as a bonus action.

  • You gain a +2 to attack and damage rolls made with the Blade of Sacrifice.
  • Your speed increases by 10 feet.
  • Your AC increases by 1.

Cursed. The power does not come without cost. At the start of your turn, while you remain in a state of sacrifice, your current and maximum hitpoints are reduced by 7. These lost hitpoints can only be regained by using the greater restoration spell.

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